December Blog

WOWSA! A whole month has past since my last blog! So...

Well, if I weren't a JW there would be plenty of excitement to share, with the recent holidays that just passed. But I'm not and - wait!

Excitement! Well, kinda. Our family feud that's been going on for 4 months is over, that's pretty exciting. We even had a little gathering last Friday and everyone attended. It was cut short due to sub-freezing temps though...

Shirley looks to be pregnant, due sometime in late August, that's pretty exciting. They want a girl but I have to say, I'm pretty fond of all my boys!

Rick's daughter, Sarah, just left for 3 weeks in India, that's pretty exciting. She's gonna attempt to blog her stay there, here's a link if you'd like to see how her trip is going...

So, I guess there has been exciting stuff. Besides all that Rick and I took 2 drives to the Hood Canal. Once we intended to do some picture taking but ended up just visiting with his Boeing / biking buddy, Steve. So the next weekend we went back to do that picture taking we had planned on. It wasn't the most productive day photographically but at least we got away for a while. We also took a short ferry trip to West Seattle on the way home. That's a ferry I've never been on.

I went to the doc to get a refill on my asthma stuff. The office visit was $188 for a condition that I've had for 40 years and only need my usual management, no diagnosis necessary, no labwork, no nothing. $188! But I did get some freebies. So now I gotta get the prescriptions filled. One is $139 at Walmart, but $100 less online. So I'll get that filled, that's the management, then I also need the fast-acting broncho-dilator. Jeez!

I got an eyesore part of the yard fixed up with Rick's help. I've cleaned it up once or twice in the past but it bumps up against the woods so the buttercups, fireweed and blackberries keep creeping back in. It looks real nice right now, just ferns and a new pathway. In the spring there will be tons of bluebells blooming.

I got back in touch with an old childhood friend. I can really say that now - "old" childhood friend, now that we're both grandmas. She had some very disturbing news. It turns out her mother died about 8 years ago and it was "not by natural means" as she put it. She was poisoned by her also now dead husband! Awful.

My picture-a-day project is suffering due to lack of inspiration. I guess I'm just an outdoors photographer. I'm still taking a picture a day but not posting a lot of them as they're substandard. Things like this:

We're sure looking forward to our Iceland trip coming up in just another couple months. If anyone hears or sees something interesting in Iceland, let me know and we'll see if we can fit it into our schedule, as the Phallological Museum isn't open until May.

Well, that about catches up all the big stuff. Not a lot going on, just life.

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