Tulips 2014

Sarah bought herself a new Canon 60D just like mine and has been needing to get out and break it in. So we started a spring photo challenge on facebook which got the ball rolling, it was actually a lot of fun. Here are a few of my favorite shots from that project:
Then there were tulips.

We live in a bulb farming part of the country so we have daffodils, tulips, and other bulbs in huge fields that attract tourists by the droves. We don't care for the droves and last year we found a lesser known bulb farm that's 10 miles closer than the popular ones and is a prettier drive. So it was a beautiful Saturday and we headed out. By the time we got there it was raining a nice, constant, saturating rain.

While we were in Ireland we braved the "driving rain" to visit the Giant's Causeway. So a little Washington spring rain isn't gonna stop us! We got out and shot the tulips and the show garden. When we were all sufficiently soaked and cold we headed toward home with food on our minds. We drive through the town of Elbe and they have a few old railroad cars parked and converted into restaurants, taverns and motels so I suggested we stop there to eat.

It was a little on the cool side, a little on the expensive side, but the odd surroundings (including the odd waitress) the beer, and the food were all worth it. I finally tried a Monte Cristo sandwich. I enjoyed it but will probably not have another, too much cholesterol. Rick and Sarah both got vegetarian chili served in a bread bowl. All good fare for the cold and damp.

So now our appetite has been whet and we're going to start another 365 on June 1. We're having weekly themes and we'll share that on our current spring photo challenge page on facebook so anyone who wants to do a weekly project can follow along. 

Uh Oh...

Another Sizemore has made his appearance on this planet - and it's another KEVIN Sizemore, to boot!

Yes, Shirley was able to get the delivery up and running just a few days before the due date because of health issues. Things started out slowish but when they ramped up it was over and done in record time! Nothing like poor Chelsea's recent experience.

Kevin was born at 2:33 in the afternoon on 4/18/2014. He weighed 7 lbs and 4 oz which was the exact same weight as his older sister Elise. He was a little longer and pretty much perfect. No cone head or "stork kiss". The only thing that was said was that the cord was wrapped around him (not his neck) 3 times!

Shirley's good friend, Christie, Grandma Mimi and I were all allowed to be present for the birth, it was a real treat. Kevin (dad) stood  by the side that we were on so as to block viewing what none of us wanted to see anyway, but we did see the little purple baby as soon as he was out. Now I know what they mean when they refer to the baby as "pinking up".

Auntie Rachyl brought the older siblings along with gifts about an hour after he was born. When Ellie entered the room she headed straight for Grandma Mimi but when she saw her holding the baby she made a sudden turn to me instead! Then Ellie gave mommy the gift and opened the card for her. It was sweet, all 3 wrote something in it by themselves. Elise's was a picture of a face.

The nurse was bathing the baby and I finally said something about dad bathing the baby so she handed the job over. It was apparent that he was an experienced dad but for some reason she thought she should give him his first bath - NOT! After the bath, inoculations, temperature, head measurement, etc were done it was time for the kids to officially meet the new brother. Joe held him like a champ. Shayne was slightly more awe-struck and Elise handed him to dad after about 2 seconds!

They ended up having to stay one extra day but all got home Sunday noonish. Shirley was happy to have her whole BIG family together! Who'd-a-thunk Kevin would be the one to have the biggest family?

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