Mr. Mason...

...Vanderville, that is! Yep, grandbaby #6 entered the world this past Thursday morning just before 4 AM.

Nothing about the labor and delivery was easy, it was long and hard. 32 hours total with 3 of those hours pushing and a couple of them sleeping to prepare for the next round of pushing. The midwife was at the end of her abilities and suggesting a c-section. But first she suggested they consult with a doctor.

In walks this very large, butch woman, with a short, chunky haircut, Dr. Jolly! She was totally no-nonsense. The first thing she did was remove some of the membrane that was blocking access to the baby's head. Then she managed to turn the baby as Chelsea pushed and it worked! He was born! I just think it's mildly ironic that the midwife was heading for a c-section and then the doctor managed to get it done natural.

Chelsea said that nurses and midwives that visited after the birth all gave her kudos for getting the deed done. Good job, Chelsea!

Little Mason weighed 7 lbs 11.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. Just a nice size. He had an understandably cone-shaped head that seems to already be gone after only a couple days.

So the family's home now, finally able to get some sleep and working on the whole nursing thing.

But don't blink! He'll be a year old just that fast!

Next up - grandbaby #7!

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