A Very HOT Day!!!

Well, we just got home from the dentist. Dane just got 5 teeth pulled. He never got any of his 12 year molars, well, he got one but it was sideways. There was one wisdom tooth, below that molar. The others were badly impacted. So we had all four molars and the wisdom tooth all pulled. I guess the Dr wasn't very good. They didn't numb the upper very well and that's where they were really impacted. Normally that process should have taken an hour but it took 2, the guy that brought him out to the car said he hasn't seen teeth that badly impacted for 4 or 5 years. They brought him out in a wheelchair and he was crying heavily, so much pain. We removed the gauze just long enough for him to swig some chocolate milk and pills. Now he's laying on the couch with ice on his face, waiting for the pills to kick in and grunting through the throbs as they pass. He couldn't eat or drink for 8 hours before surgery (at 4 PM) so he went all day without eating and drinking only what he absolutely had to. Just so happens today was a record breaking hot day (100º+)and he works in the sun with rocks and concrete. So he was very dehydrated when he came in, they hooked up some IV fluids and he got 3 bags (liters). Not a great day for him, poor kid.

Poor Heather got dehydrated as well. Didn't know what was wrong, started freaking out (paranoid since she lost the last baby) had a panic attack. Called people but no one answered so she called the ambulance and went to the hospital. She's fine now, resting and taking in lots of fluids. The baby is a boy, they'll name him Hunter.

Gonna go drink my beer now, anything to cool off.

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