A fantastic Saturday!

The weather forecasters had been predicting Saturday to be about 70º for days and for once they were right. Fantastic! When Rick and I heard the forecast we started planning a bike ride.

But first I had to get the rest of the necessary gear and I happened to have some spare funds. So we got out early and made it to the leather goods place in Tacoma at opening time. I got some chaps and gloves, both were size small which made me very happy - but as many of us already know - "small is the new medium". Either way, my ego enjoyed it.
Next we hit the Tacoma mall for Rick to find some new shoes, which he didn't. But I was planning to look for some shades for Keith since he kept using mine whenever we were in my car together. I found some for half price, good deal. And he totally loves them.

We finally got back to Rick's and suited up for the drive. We started by going to a local cycle place where I got some new glasses to use for riding. My sunglasses let the air flow in and my eyes would just run like a river. The new glasses worked great and were only $10. So we were finally prepared to hit the road. First we went to the Harley place in Tukwila to get a free lunch and so Rick could get some bushing / spacers for his new windshield. Turns out it was an anniversary and the place was jammed. But we got the free lunch and enjoyed people watching and checking out the other bikes. They had a live band that was pretty good too. We continued our ride by driving back on the hill toward my place. It was so warm and nice. I got smacked by about 3 bugs.

We went to Denny's place and the kids got to see me in all my new cycle gear. Shirley seemed to enjoy it as well. We decided to have a BBQ so Rick and I went back to his place again to change out of our cycle gear and buy dinner.
It was Rach, Tony, Denny, Heather and all 3 grandsons beside the 2 of us. The steak was good, Tony did a good job of cooking it. Someone came up with the idea of bringing Denny's trampoline down to his place. I had brought it to my place a while ago, when they were contemplating moving and Heather was pregnant. It was in pieces so it was easy to transport but it had to be assembled. To move it out and down the street 5 houses we decided to keep it together but we had obstacles to get around / over. We ended up lifting it up and over my house. Then we stuck it on Rick's car to bring down to Denny's. We had been planning to use my car but when the time came it was at Rick's so we used his instead. So he slowly drove his car down with a trampoline on top and we all walked behind, it looked like a parade, people, toddlers, a bike, a dog and 2 two strollers. Quite an interesting thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

After dinner Rick and I went back to his place to watch a movie. What a great day! But was I bushed, I slept in Sunday AM til 10:30.

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