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I have a new project to work on - I get to be a wedding planner again! I had a lot of fun with Denny's and Rachyl's weddings, they both turned out just great. I think Rach's was particularly nice but that probably had something to do with the fact that it was on a boat! This time I get to plan - MINE!!

Yep, Rick finally did it! "Popped the question", "went to Jared", "get down on one knee" - whatever you want to call it - he proposed! Whew - I was afraid I was gonna have to break up with him again! That didn't go over very well the last time. And it only lasted about a day. To be honest, though, this time was well spent getting to know each other. I've never had such a long courtship before but I can definitely see the advantages.

The proposal itself was nothing spectacular but it got the job done. He had the ring box cupped in his hands and said "I have something for you." He dropped the black box into my hands and I tried to read the lettering on it. It looked like it said "Ford Motor". I couldn't figure out what one would get in a little box from Ford. I think I finally figured out that it actually said "Fred Meyer", a local all-in-one department store walking distance from Rick's place that he is a loyal customer of. So I cracked it open and there was this pretty little silver band with a row of diamonds. I was still confused: "Maybe it's a friendship ring", "It doesn't look like an engagement ring". So I then asked "What is it?" He told me it was an engagement ring and that he decided it was time that we were engaged! I sat there dumbfounded and actually told him I'd have to think about it! In reality I had a few issues I wanted to discuss with him that I needed answers to before I entered into a committed relationship with him. I was gonna accept, that really wasn't the issue regardless of how he answered my questions.

We spent a little time visiting a few family members and making our big announcement yesterday. I had already texted my older kids and showed off my ring to my younger ones when I got home that night. But last night we popped into Denny's house to make the announcement more official. When we told his parents one of his Mom's comments was something like "Oh - no babies." That would be correct, no baby-making organs, no babies. Besides, we're too old, we're grandparents for goodness sake! But that is typically one of the goals of a newly married couple. This is a different type of marriage that takes place later in life. I don't need him to be a dad to my kids, they're all grown, the same with his kids. This is a totally selfish type of marriage - it's just for us. To be there for each other, to support each other, be companions to each other, instead of growing old alone. This may be one of the most important times in life to be married. When the nest is empty. We need someone to help keep that nest feathered, it's lonely and cold and difficult to do alone.

So now we get to have a wedding! I keep finding myself doing things the same way as all the other baby-boomers are, unintentionally. I want a "theme" wedding. I have a thing for the medieval look and have been to a few Renaissance Faires. So I want a Medieval-feeling wedding. Nothing over the top, just medievalish. Guests will be invited to come in costume if they like. Or just something close to a costume, the feel of medieval. My dress will be very medieval and I'll try to fix Rick up with something that he'll be comfortable with. There will be lots of candles and a large banquet table with meat (not venison and pigeon, more likely interesting bbq stuff) fruit, cheese, bread, etc. But the main theme of it will be "Fun". More than anything we want it to be fun. I would like to find someone that knows how to lead groups in circle dances to get everyone involved.

So - now the work begins. Besides making all the wedding plans we also have to work on making room for Rick to be able to move in here, there's no place for him right now. We have no definite time frame, just somewere around April or May.

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Kathy February 19, 2009 at 6:53 AM  

Wow! Congratulations! I am so happy you're happy!! :-) Happy face!!! :-) Well, when is the big event? Let me know so I can start planning if we can come or not. I have never heard the expression "went to Jared" before; where did it come from? Do you think that people will dress up in Renaissance clothing? I like the picture of your ring! I can see the hair on your knuckles!!!! Ha ha. It looks gold in the picture, not silver as you said -- why do you think that is? What were some of the issues that you discussed, if you don't mind me asking. Well, I must say, there are a lot of definite advantages to being married!! When I was visiting Grammy, in her last days, she always was telling me that it is worth it, to have a man, to be with someone. And, I took that to heart. It is a big part of life, very important. You have to sleep with a fellow primate!! Necessary for survival. So, you are very lucky, he is a sweetie, and very cute. You guys will make some cute lil babies!!!! Ha ha, laughing again. Wow, so, yeah, that is so cool. I may come, if invited -- !!??


Mark February 19, 2009 at 6:54 AM  

Congradulations sis, If you decide to get married in Utah we'll definitely be there. If not if by some miracle, we'd love to go.


Mom February 19, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

Well I am so soooo surprised and happy you are going for it. I am so relieved since I have those old fashioned values about marriage and I know how you feel about being single the rest of your lonely life. You are both interesting people with all kinds of things in common. This is going to be fun to watch. I'm so glad Rick and I got to meet and to know each other at least a little. Boy, wasn't it an ordeal back there in California? Dad is happy too.

Mom and Dad

Judy February 19, 2009 at 7:04 PM  

Oh My Gosh!! *hugs* Congrats babe!! I'm very happy for you both! Look for Renaissance magazine, they have great ideas for medieval everything! I have an older copy that is a wedding themed issue if you want to look at it. Talk to you soon,

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