Moving Forward

Things are moving forward with our wedding plans. Most importantly, we picked a date - June 6.

That's right, 6/6. I don't go out of my way to choose that number but I'm also not superstitious. My Granny's "number" was 13, because that was her birth year. And my cell phone number that I've had for 10+ years ends with 6666. The phone company gave me a list of numbers to choose from and this was the easiest one to remember. While I worked at LaCroix whenever the number 666 came up Bernie would joke with me about it.

We were thinking of choosing the last Saturday in May, but that turned out to be Memorial Day weekend. We wouldn't want to ruin anyone's plans for that weekend. The weekend before would work but May 23 just didn't have the right ring. So we jumped forward and discovered June 6 - 6/6. Perfect!

I've been frantically gathering, researching and working on it. Rick thinks I have "wedding fever". It's actually just that there is so much work, it's such a big project that I don't have time to dilly-dally. The more I get done asap the easier it will be when the time has arrived and the final setup takes place. And I'll be able to sleep in the meantime.

Here's a sidenote. Rick was in the process of renewing his one magazine subscription ("Ironworks", a motorcycle magazine) and opted to change the address simultaneously to my current address - or rather our future address.

Well, this much blog will have to suffice, I have to hit the thrift store early to take advantage of the 99 cent special they have on Mondays! Then it's off to the fabric store, the nursery . . .

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