Puffy feet

That’s what old ladies get in the heat. So – I must be an old lady since my feet have been puffy for days.

Last night it finally broke, heat wave over. It was a goodie, breaking or matching all kinds of records. Seattle’s record high and low temps are no longer 100º and 0º, the new record high is 102º.

Here it got to about 108º on the hottest day, Wednesday. It was over 100º by noon, Denny said when he left Bellevue at 11 PM that night it was still 90º! That’s just unheard of! Madness, I tell you!

Since we never have those extreme temps for more than a day or 2 at a time most of us don’t have a/c. So we have to get imaginative to stay cool.

We do have lots of rivers and lakes so those
are filled to capacity with people abandoning theirs ovens called home (and subsequently lots of drownings during heat waves). One of the funniest sights here locally is the Green River just down the street. There is an area referred to as 3 bridges and the river is very shallow there this time of year. So when it gets hot people just walk into the river and sit. In chairs. Now they BBQ too. In the past I even saw a truck down there, too lazy to walk that short distance I suppose. It was downright crowded this last Wednesday:

I always thought the heat in my house was generated in the afternoon and the morning sun was OK. I discovered this time though that that wasn’t true, the morning sun did its own damage. So I had to find a way to shade the front of the house (click on it to see better):

Talk about white trash! The back of the house is well shaded with a gazebo, umbrella and trees.

Well, near normal temps should be back now. Normal is upper 70’s. Can’t we find a happy medium?

2 cats hacked up hairballs:

Anonymous August 6, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Were really reconsidering our move there, I didn't know you were white trash, and we were moving to get away from the heat!!!! LOL :)


Anonymous August 6, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

Suzie, Heard about the heat wave on the the news. Yes I get the puffy feet too so I have a recliner now and it fixes the problem. Love the river photo. I can't make out the back yard one, where is that fence? - Luv, Ma

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