'Nuther Dead Guy

I wonder if this is gonna become a kind of a theme for our relationship. Well, this dead guy isn't quite like the last one.

Most of you know the area we live in, we're a couple miles up a curvy wooded road. Those kinds of roads tend to gather tossed furniture, fridges, car parts, etc. A few weeks ago Rick and I noticed a bumper on the side of the road right where our neighborhood exits onto that wooded road. We made some snide remarks about it, I don't remember what was said but I remember that we did, because...

A couple weeks after we saw that bumper we were vegging in front of our puters like normal. Dane was visiting and we were yakking. Rick's dad called to tell him about a news story he was seeing about a car off Auburn-Black Diamond Rd. I heard Rick tell him it was a long road and the event was happening probably nowhere near us. Then Denny calls. I put the phone on speaker. "Did you hear about the car off the side of the road? Did you notice the bumper on the side of the road? It belongs to the car! It's all over the TV - turn it on! There's a man near the car too!"

Then I notice the whirr of helicopter rotors, they've been hovering for a while, I just never paid attention. The Dane says "yeah - there's like 6 or 8 emergency vehicles right at the entrance to the neighborhood".

This is all in one conversation, one comment quickly on the heels of the other.

Then I, in my infinite wisdom, ask - "is the guy dead?" not realizing at first that he's been there a couple weeks and also having seen people found alive after a week in their broken car, off the side of the road. But this time - duh.

Good, old, quick-thinking Denny comes back real quick like: "Yeah, they've got him wrapped in a blanket and they're taking him another beer, his is empty."

Duh again.

The news dropped the story after the finding of the body. Turns out he was a depressed 50 year old man, another suicide. So now we have a home made cross and sign at the spot where he drove off the road, littered with flowers and keepsakes.

This guy's name was Scott. Otherwise known around here as "Dead guy #2"

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