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Auburn - As the sale of 31906 160th Pl SE nears its closing, FHA appraiser Tim Ellis finds repairs to be made. Bathroom floor, exterior siding and cabinet doors all need attention. When reinspecting said repairs he finds further necessary electrical repairs which frustrates future owners, Tony and Rachyl Miller of Auburn, WA. In addition to the supplemental work found this appraiser had in his company a realtor who was not involved in the sale of the property and, therefore, should not have been on the premises during the inspection. Mr Miller reminded the appraiser of this and asked that the realtor remove himself from the inspection.

On another day ABC Septic inspector found the distribution box and pipes leading into and out from the box needed replacement. This job would normally involve heavy machinery and thousands of dollars. Fortunately for the prospective owners, this inspector agreed that, if said work could be done to his satisfaction via a visual reinspection of the area directly surrounding the box, he would approve the inspection and submit his findings to the underwriter. Mr Miller was able to do the work personally and submit the repairs via digital photography and email.

In light of the repairs made over the last 2 weeks the Millers should be able to close the sale of their new home and move forward to the aesthetics needing attention before their potential relocation into their first purchased home. This would include painting the entire inside of the home and replacing flooring in 2 bedrooms. Mr and Mrs Dennis Sizemore anxiously await this relocation.

Auburn - Auburn residents Rick and Sue Williams enjoy their new gate built over the final weeks of July. The gate had been needing attention for approximately 2 years, given that the previous gate was constructed near the end of the last century. The new gate functions much better than the outdated one and opens on the opposite side, to accommodate the normal flow of traffic through that side of the house.

Mr and Mrs Williams are anxiously awaiting their future visit to the island of Kauai during the middle of September. They are to leave together on the 9th of September with Mr Williams returning on the 20th to afford him opportunity to continue his employment at LaCroix Industries in Kent, WA. Mrs Williams will remain until the 30th of the month to have more time to render further necessary assistance to her parents and time together.

Auburn - The newly relocated Utah residents, Mr and Mrs Mark DeBelling and their 3 children, Celeste, Rebekah and Markie, had a large family meal last evening. The menu included salad, cheesy potatoes, macaroni and cheese and grilled chicken breasts with hot dogs for the children. All the guests, including the families of Kevin Sizemore, Dennis Sizemore, Mr and Mrs Anthony Miller and Mr and Mrs Rick Williams, all also of 160th Place, enjoyed the feast and the accompanying camaraderie.

Mrs DeBelling is enjoying her newly acquired employment at the local restaurant, Ristorante Isabella. The owner of the establishment is also the cook and offers recipes formulated in his own kitchen. Mrs DeBelling admits to having difficulty in pronunciation of some of the dishes.

Auburn - Sue Williams enjoys some additional income as she attains jobs creating slideshow DVDs over the course of recent past weeks. Unfortunately, in light of the added work, she hasn't had the opportunity to give attention to her online journal, her "blog" found at Mrs Williams has the intention of updating her section entitled "Picture of the week" sometime later today.

In addition to the DVD work, she has been contacted by a small business owner in Pennsylvania to make some improvements to his business website. His hope is to generate more sales of his "mini-lift."


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