Whoops! Missed Some Things!

Well, we had a few events happen that I missed blogging so I'll revisit them briefly:

Heather's Baby Shower

When Rach, Shirley and I descended on Janet's house to get things rolling we found Janet and another friend, Christie, frosting cupcakes. We're a pretty good team, we all just silently jumped into our assignments and got to work, Shirley was cutting vegetables for a veggie tray, I made cucumber sandwiches and Rachyl started arranging furniture and decorating. 

The theme for the party was "Snow and Ice" since Taylor is to be born in the winter. It also worked well with Heather's choice of color for the baby's bedroom and layette - lavender. So the party was purple, lavender and white. Rach and I made the CUTEST snowman diaper cake -Heather has it still sitting in the baby's room right now!

There were 15 - 20 attendees, tons of food and plenty of gifts. Since Heather's family also had a shower for her I'm sure most of Taylor's immediate needs are covered!

Black Friday

I've done a couple Black Friday shopping excursions in the past. The first one was a learning event, I found out that the deals are definitely out there and it's worth the odd hours but that you MUST have a game plan. The next year I did just that and scored a cartful of electronic goodies at Staples, then went home and back to bed. This year I'd planned to grab a $50 Brother sewing machine at Walmart for one of my children needing one. It was to go on sale at 10 at the 24 hour store that never closed, even for Thanksgiving.

I was running a tad late and as I neared the parking lot I could tell it was futile to continue any further and turned around to look for parking elsewhere back down the road. I got a spot and braved the rain, cold and wind in my meeting clothes to get into Walmart a few minutes after 10. As I walked in I kept my eyes open for people buying up the sewing machines and was hopeful because I didn't see even ONE in anyone's cart or arms. But when I arrived at the area that they were to be available in I couldn't find any. Employees were hovering around piles of toys in all the aisles so I asked 2 or 3 of them if they knew where the machines were or maybe had been, if they were gone. No one knew for sure that there had been any, although one knew where they were supposed to be. I'm pretty sure they either had none or only, literally, a handful.

So I left the store empty-handed and walked back the - oh, let's say 1/3 mile - to my car. The wind and rain were still blowing, of course, and that's always a bad combination because umbrellas and wind don't mix. So I had to give up on trying to stay dry. There was another element involved in my walk, the Black-Friday-crazed drivers. One hispanic chick didn't even look my way as she entered the traffic circle that leads to WallyWorld!

Needless to say, after that fiasco I opted to stay home and not bother going back out to Kohl's at midnight as I'd planned - I was DONE!!

Family Turkey Day

So Friday afternoon the whole stinkin' family converged on Kev and Shirley's place in the evening. Rick made up some cheesey-melty tomato hors d'oeuvres and I added my crunchy romaine salad to the spread. All my kids and their families showed up except for Keith. Even Dane and his fiance, Chelsea made it. It was a wonderful event, noisy, chaotic and fun. I had a blast taking pictures of the event and came home with a lot of nice memories to share with the family.

Heather's Maternity Shoot

To go along with the theme of her baby shower Heather decided she wanted maternity pictures taken in the snow. So last Saturday Denny, Hunter, Heather and I took a drive out highway 410 looking for snow. We ended up turning on the road to Crystal mountain ski resort but turned off at a sno-park right away. It's just a parking area that's a jumping off point for cross-country skiers, snow-shoers and snowmobilers surrounded by forest. It was completely deserted when we arrived and snowing fairly heavily. I started by getting a few family shots so Hunter could go off and play without any worry of getting dirty. It was snowing so heavily, though, and I feared there would be too much moving snow in the pictures. During one warm-up and costume-change session I wandered around in the trees to find a spot without so much snow falling between the camera and the subject. It's amazing how when you're busy doing something in the snow like that you don't feel the cold - until you stop. Then it's time to warm up!

Well, that about catches things up for now. Today is moving day for Dane, he's coming home for the last couple months before he takes the plunge into marriage. After moving his things we plan to do some wedding invitation work, gotta get this ball rolling! I've been scheming a special picture session for the invitations. I'm going for a fairytale/Midsummer Night's Dream look. We did a dry run last night and it was interesting but leaned a little too much toward the "Blair Witch Project" look. That must be adjusted...

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