Turning Around

6 weeks ago my household was in a pretty sad state. No one was employed and the money was flying out of Rick's savings account to pay the bills. Buying anything was strictly on hold. Food and gas were eating up some of our meager cash holdings. But we weren't too down about it, we knew it was only temporary.

A couple weeks after Rick was out of work and we found out that he would not be able to collect unemployment I decided to apply for food stamps. I hesitated because between us we had what I thought was too much money in savings. But what could they do? All they could do was deny us. So I gave it a shot and I was approved within a couple days and was immediately issued over $700 in a EBT food account!

The following weekend I found a cabinet on Craigslist for free that could be used to house Rick's camera collection that he wants to rebuild. It's in very good condition and other family members wish they'd seen the ad first!

Next, I had cut Tony's hair a couple times without any compensation so they finally brought us over a 12-pack of light beer.

Rick had rebuilt a gate for his parents and they loved it so much! They dropped by that same weekend to repay him with steak and more beer!

The following week Rick found out that his ex-brother-in-law had spoken to his boss at Boeing and Rick got a call for an interview. I also got brought in to work at the Transportation Department at the school district to fill the void for a woman who suddently loss the sight in one eye. I've been here since late September and will probably be here for another month. My income is gravy so this is all going into a fund for travelling, etc because...

Rick got the planner job at Boeing! He's making typical Boeing wages and all the benefits that come along with it. He started "working" last week, meaning that he's getting paid for his time but for now has nothing to do. Training starts soon and will be complete before the end of November.

Keith got a job! Job #1! It's a part time job at an auto auction putting "stickers" on cars, whatever that means... But it's a JOB!!!

I'm psyched, can you tell?

WOW! what a turn around from just a few weeks ago...

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Judy November 3, 2012 at 9:31 AM  

good to hear things are looking up!

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