Lily Lat

That's how I always referred to Denny and Heather's sweet kittycat, Lili. Yes, past tense. 

While I was in Hawaii I got a text from Denny that simply said "Lili died". After some conversations and time had past it turns out that it quite possibly was a spider bite. Whatever it was, it was fast. In a way, it's good, that it was fast. But not that she had to go. 

I didn't know Lili well but in spite of the fact that I was just an occasional visitor she was always a very friendly cat. She was a family member for over 8 years. But one of the worse things about her absence is that she was Gage's cat.

I asked Denny how Gage was taking it and his reply was: "Depressed, he takes all day to eat. We would fill their bowl in the morning and he would sit and wait for her to eat. I think he is looking for her cuz I see him wander around aimless."

Bye bye Sweet Lily, you'll be missed...

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