More of our Harley Weekend

OK, I want to quickly recap our Saturday, as it was a very full day. We got up and had breakfast in the hotel dining area. Then we took off and got some shots of the other bikers on the way, witnessed a crash, went to the hospital, ate at a Subway / gas station in Goldendale. We continued on to Stonehenge, stopped for more pix on the way back to town, went to the bike event, then back to the motel, put on our swimsuits and went in the hot tub and pool. Then back to the room for the last of our sandwiches from Subway. Whew! A lot crammed into that one day.

The next morning we all went our own ways. Rick and I opted to go back over Chinook Pass which had just opened that week, so there would be lots of snow on the pass. But before we got there we had to find some grub. We ended up stopping in a little diner in the town of Naches . It was a very simple place with no frills, just busy, busy, busy and good service and good food. It turned out to also be a great place to people-watch. I saw 3 people in particular that just stuck out. First there was the waitress with a little too much makeup and jewelry and looked a lot like her name should have been "Flo". Then Rick spotted a real rugged lookin' cowboy type, with the leather skin and grubby clothes. The only problem was he wasn't wearing the right boots. Then a very tall thin fellow walked in who could not have been known by anything other than "Stretch". He was tall and thin and had the longest neck and head I think I've ever seen.

After breakfast we got back on the road up to Chinook Pass. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. Warm and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. There was still about 5 feet of snow at the pass but it was about 70º so everyone was there in their shorts and tank tops. One family had laid a blanket down in the snow and were having a picnic. And with all that sunshine and clear skies the mountain was just stunning.

When we got to the town of Greenwater we stopped at a tavern for all the usual reasons and bumped into one of the couples from our group. We had also run into them at the diner in Naches. We were on the same wavelength I guess. We had a nice break there and from there went straight home. It was a very pleasant ride.

All in all a great first bike weekend.

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Rick Williams June 30, 2008 at 8:03 PM  

I must say, for your benefit, I was a little nervous about the whole event. While I'm not new to biker events, I am new to hosting a "newbie" and wanted it to be perfect for you. I wanted the whole experience to come off without a hitch. If something would have gone wrong for you I never would have forgiven myself.
I'm glad you liked it!

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