The Final Graduation

Well, here it is. The final graduation. The last of my brood.

Keith's Graduation was the day we got back from our Toppenish trip Father's Day. The day was beautiful, as I already described in my previous blog. Rick's parents were out on their front porch watching all the chaos and listening to all the proceedings. All the other kids showed up and did a good job of screeching out an appropriate hoot at the announcing of his name. I, on the other hand, was busy running around making sure I got the best shot possible. Well, such a beautiful day meant that the background would be very bright and the graduates would be in the shade, thus the picture would be very contrasty. I did my best and ended up having to photoshop it anyway to make it visible. Got more to learn about metering to get those contrasty pictures better.

Afterwards, when I finally managed to find him in the crowd I asked if he had plans and he said he was going out with his friends. So Rick and I opted to just go grab some pizza. While I was standing in the line and Rick was in the john I was looking around and found Keith and his friends in the banquet room! So I went in and did some geeky thing to embarrass him. Then I'd planned on smashing my face against the glass to embarrass him some more but his group left.

In spite of the poor photography though, it was Keith's day and he can be proud of his achievement.

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