Life with Money Again

Money! Bah! But life requires it.

Most readers of this blog well know that I was in line to collect a small inheritance from my late uncle's estate that I spent nearly all of November working on - unnecessarily, in some ways, as it turns out. Well, we each got our share of the estate in the form of a check the first week of January. Thank goodness, because...

Just as my checking account was down to about $400 and virtually nothing left in my savings account I noticed that the funds on my account online showed only $80. I contacted the bank and found out that a debit for $321.12 was coming through the pipes - an unauthorized debit. I contacted and got nothing but automated information that even when I did what they required I got no calls back. So I was forced to contact the bank and report it. That meant they had to cancel my debit card. At least they didn't have to close my account completely. But my debit card then was no good. Locally I could still write checks but I could do almost nothing online, include pay bills, since they all use my debit card. It would be a week or more before I got my new card.

So I got the check and the bank put a hold on the funds for a week. Then I had no debit card for a week. Late last week everything was finally freed up. Yahoo! There are so many things I want to get done and, as usual, they all take money.

First I wanted to get Uncle Eugene's van detailed inside, then it'll look like new, less the cracked rear panel that the new owner will have to deal with. I can get that on the market now, I think I'll see about contacting a few shuttle places to see if any of them need a new fleet vehicle.

Next on my list was my mom's "Sweet 16" ring that she gave me a couple years ago. It has a catch on a corner that needs to be repaired and the shank needs to be replaced, it's worn thin and I also want it to fit a different finger so it needs to be resized.

And, for now, last but by no means least - I got permanent eyeliner! It really is a crazy thing women do but I love it! It's tattooed on. I got both upper and lower done and let me tell you, when the topical anesthetic started to wear off it HURT!! I was clenching my jaw and fists and holding my breath. Couldn't squint my eyes though. I just kept telling myself that it would be over, it was only a minute or two, it wouldn't hurt forever - whew! I could breathe again! No one will ever ask me again if I'm sick when the only thing different is that I have no makeup on. She really did a fantastic job. She started by dying my lashes since I can't wear mascara for a week (the dye lasts a month). Next she applied the anesthetic, then she plucked my neglected eyebrows. Then she got to work. The whole process took nearly 2 hours. I'm puffy and the lines are dark right now, they'll lighten up by about 30% in a couple weeks. I got a dark brown. So now I'm made up even when I'm not - cool.

Money - can't live with it, can't live without... OK, I guess I can live with it.

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Rick Williams January 22, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

Hey, have you got that $5000 you owe me?

judy January 26, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

hi sue, i just signed up with this blog site thingy. not completely sure how it works but here i am!

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