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Again I missed my picture of the week day. Rick and I went on a photo shoot Saturday but I've just been in a funk regarding my photos, not feeling like they're what they could be. Not when I look at the stuff the guy I bought my lens from does. But, then, I remind myself, I'm only seeing the best of the best of his stuff, if I pick and chose only a handful of my stuff it would look as good. And then last night I began to play with some of my recent stuff in Lightroom and found myself much happier after I did some tweaking. Now my pictures pop!

So here's one that I particularly like from our Saturday outing. I keep having issues with night photography but this one has good color and composition, even if the clarity isn't the best. This is taken from the 12th Street bridge on the north side of Beacon Hill.

Rick has been updating our smugmug, there are new galleries and categories. If you haven't been there recently - check it out!

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