Making Things Happen!

For a while now things just haven't been going so well with my family, as well as the rest of the country.  Some of us have lost our jobs,  Denny's rental house got flooded, Kevin and Shirley have been riding their roller coaster, etc.  Well, it looks like maybe things have finally taken a turn for the better.  In the last couple weeks, most in this week, lots of changes for the better have happened.

Let's start with Rach and Tony.  Tony started working back at Platt Electric, where he worked before he left for Cincinnati.  And as soon as started back to work they put an offer on the house across the street, the seller accepted the offer and now we wait for the bank to make their decision since it becomes what they've come to call a "short sell (sale?)", meaning that the offer is less than is owed the bank, they'll take a loss on it.

Kevin and Shirley have decided to get off their roller coaster.  Not the ending any of us were hoping for but hopefully Shirley will find happiness and they will all have the stable lives they need, mostly the boys. They're planning to divorce and Shirley plans to move to Las Vegas.  I'm urging them to have webcams so the boys can visit with mom every day via the internet (and vice-versa when they visit mom).

Denny and Heather's house in Lakewood is ready for drywall.  Their brilliant mortgage company has messed their account up numerous times and has them in arrears due to their errors.  Well, they've finally found their errors and may finally get things straightened out.  If not, we're getting ready to "Call Jesse"  the local TV station's thug to help with some of these impossible situations that companies pull on customers/victims.  When threatened with airing the problem on TV many situations finally find resolution - amazing!

The Sizemore kids's cousin, David, moved back from Georgia a while back and hasn't contacted anyone.  When we found him on facebook he still seemed to be attempting to avoid our company.  After numerous invitations to get together he may finally be doing so, Denny swapped phone numbers with him and they should be seeing him tomorrow night if all goes well.

Dane just called me to ask if I would come to his meeting tomorrow night - but he wouldn't tell me why.  But I'm not that dumb, I mean I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday!  He's being appointed as a ministerial servant in his congregation!  Way to go Dane!

Keith - well, Keith is just Keith.  I wish I could say he got a job.  Someday.

My turn!  I got reinstated Sunday and will be announced Thursday night!  It was just under 2 years that I was out but it seemed a lifetime.  It was just in time, I was getting depressed again I think.  I still have mixed emotions, happy to be back but embarrassed and frustrated that I had to go aside like I did.  Like I said the last time - never again!

Rick?  Well, he came to the Kingdom Hall with me Saturday for Brother Poggensee's memorial.  Not an advancement or accomplishment, but a new experience, and an insight into my life.  He blew out his jaw.  Does that count?  No, I didn't think so either.  Well, how about just being a good husband?  Yeah, that works.  Not everyone can do that.

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