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Last Sunday Rick found a neat history site and was reading a story about a mine fire where 37 men lost their lives. When he looked to see where this place was he discovered that it was a ghost town named Franklin that was right nearby here, at the Green River Gorge! It turned out to be a spectacular day so we grabbed our sloshing boots and headed out.

The "town" which was supposed to be only foundations at this point was even less than that. The cemetery was interesting, some of the graves were of those men (and boys) killed in that fire on August 24, 1894.  There were a few concrete structures, lots of cabling, some track for their little mine carts and some ducting for the ventilation of the mine left .  Not the most exciting artifacts but it was such a great day for a walk.

So here is a shot that I got of the trail, since that ended up being one of the most photographic parts of the whole trip:

I did some touch up work in the same program that I fixed the tree picture last week, I think it looks more artsy-fartsy, what do you think?  Oh, and most of you didn't comment on my last picture - COME ON!!! It's not that difficult, just do it!  (that would be mostly you kids o' mine!)

This coming weekend we have plans to go to Rick's cousin's place in Chehalis, the miniature donkey farm to take shots of the donkeys and border collies.  Melinda also knows of a nearby hay farm with a very picturesque 100 year old barn complete with resident barn owls that photographers visit regularly that we'll go visit as well.  So I'll definitely have new stuff to post next week - check back then!

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Anonymous March 8, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

Oh yeah! I've been up to the Franklin cemetary mant times. When the wild daffodils are in bloom it lovely. Did you find any fossils? Since it's shale up there, here are a lot of fossils, some leaves and some bugs. Good photo!!


Anonymous March 8, 2010 at 9:21 PM  

Well, thank goodness I replied on last weeks pic. Where did you take this one? I think it's great you and Rick both have the same interest. Luv,ma

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