A New Chapter

Wow - who'd a thunk? I'm 57 and living with my parents again! But it's nothing like being young and living with them, I mean, I'm a GRANDMA now!

I have my little nook in the corner of the house between the bathroom and the carport. It's about 5x6 and I have a bed (futon), dresser, mirror, cabinet, table/lamp combo, all divided from the rest of the house with a folding screen and standing fan. What more could I need?

The day I got here my mom visited the doctor and was told that she needed to put some salt back into her diet. She did and her dizziness and fainting is virtually gone. The day after I got here was another doctor visit and they finally figured out what caused her stroke - it was her racing heart! Now they just have to decide to put in a pacemaker, they're still not determined that that's what she needs.

So mom is getting stronger every day, many of her problems are under control and we're even getting to the beach for exercise, a little swim a couple times a week. Personally, I could do it every day! It's a nice way to end the day! Dad's coming too so he's getting to enjoy his Hawaii and getting exercise too, not that he doesn't get any like mom. He's the lawn man at 2 houses, he gets plenty of exercise!

While I have my nook we're still looking into building a guest room that I could use while I'm here and then the folks can have actual guests stay in it. I like the idea of a room at the same level as the rest of the house, with an ocean view and breeze. Much more appealing for guests (and I'm the first guest!).

I got my car on Friday and it feels so good to have my own wheels. Yesterday mom and I went running errands while dad worked on the corolla, getting it ready to sell. While we were out dad had us stop and pick up a tool at NAPA. All this wasn't possible before me and my toaster got here - that's called progress! Dad was having to do all that by himself.

I haven't done a ton of work around here yet, it's a bit on the warm side and hard to work in. I did get all the bottles for their noni juice sales cleaned, fixed their vacuum, cleaned the deck, installed some drywall and taped some of the ceiling in the kitchen to help eliminate "visitors" from outside. Oh yeah, can't forget the spider sucking!

All in all a lot of improvement around here, some due to my presence, others due to doctors finally making diagnoses.

BUT - I do miss my kids and grandkids. Thank goodness I have a ticket to go home for a visit!


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Shirley July 31, 2014 at 7:02 PM  

We all miss you too!!! So glad for the great health progress!!

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