For the Love of Craigy

Where would we be without Craigslist? I know it's caught on all over but some places it must be used more than others. I think our Seattle area, nerd city, home of Microsoft, must be one of the more used areas.

This whole weekend has been one Craigslist event after another it seems. Rick had a pile of old computers, Osborne I believe they were. HEY!! I just check Rick's blog to see what kind of computers they were and he blogged this very subject!! Blog thief!!

Anywho, he sold that stack of antique computers (they were in their own little cases, about the size of a sewing machine, 3 of em) a monitor, a modem, software, etc, then the premiere issue of PC Computing magazine for a grand total of $160. Not bad.

The next day I contacted a person about a hot tub. I had one and it shorted out and I finally gave it away. But I always new I'd replace it someday. So much so that I didn't even remove the blocks that made up the pad for it to sit on. This ad was very scant and almost sounded blunt or angry:

"4 person hot tub in good shape with new pump, wired 220, about 5 years old.
come take it away for 500.00 don't ask for a picture...come see it if you are interested and live nearby"

Well, I emailed her Wednesday and got no reply so finally called her. Turns out it was her husband's and he died about 9 months ago. She just didn't want to deal with it. It was the exact kind I wanted, small with 2 benches facing each other, each can seat 2. Very simple. So I got Denny to run out there to check it out with me and told her it was sold. It's still listed on Craigslist.

I made arrangements to get 4 males together and use Denny's truck to bring it home. It worked flawlessly, we just laid it on a side, strapped it down and hauled it home. On the way I suggested that we stop at a local tavern and I could buy everyone a beer as a thank you for the help. We did and had a nice time. It was Denny, Kevin, his friend Sage and Rick and me.

So now we have it in the back yard, still on its side because we decided to partially rebuild the frame, it had a lot of rot. We'll have it done maybe the next day we work on it, we're doing well. Then we have to get Tony to come put a plug on the wires that I installed for my last hot tub so we can plug it in and start soaking!
That was Friday night that we got my tub.

Saturday Rick got in touch with a guy about some hiking boots. I guess he likes my hobby. He got a real good deal, they're expensive boots, somewhere around $200 new and he got them for $40. They fit perfect and are probably just broke in.

While we were starting to dissect my tub frame I decided to get rid of a full bed that's been in my shop for a year or 2. So I did a real quick ad on - where else? - Craigslist - to give it away and I swear it couldn't have been 10 minutes and I had a call from someone. They showed up about 45 minutes later and it was done, I went and pulled my ad - done - gone.

Life is good - thanks to Craig!

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Rick Williams August 11, 2008 at 4:13 AM  

Hey, mine was posted first so that means that you ripped me off doesn't it?

I'm calling the law offices of Goldberg, Schweinberg, Iceberg--Something like that...

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