Slow But Steady

I'm ending my third week of unemployment. Have I accomplished anything? Why, sure I have!

I was all set to go to funeral homes to offer my DVD slideshow services when I began to picture myself going. What would I say? What would I leave with them? I decided I wasn't ready quite yet. I needed brochures to leave and some sample DVDs as well, if requested. So I began to research the brochures. Here's what I came up with (click on one to see larger):

The sample DVDs are still in the works, they won't be too difficult, I've made plenty of them. I ordered the brochures on Monday so I've had all week to work on other things.

Besides the actual door-to-door offers I make I'm also planning to offer these DVDs on my website, creative- photo- (look up and to the left, right above my pix link, a new one for my website!). So I've been working on new pages for my website. Yesterday I created an "About Me" page and a "Contact Me" form. That entailed a lot of work since the form had the option of an "autoresponder". That's an automatic email that will be mailed to thank someone for writing. It didn't want to work correctly so it took a little fiddling around to get it, but I got it.

Today I wrote up a page describing how to make a DVD slideshow. It's lengthy, probably the longest page I made yet. But the coolest thing about it is that I made a short slideshow of Denny and Heather's wedding and embedded the video on my page. It worked the first time! Cool!

Besides getting all these business-related jobs done I've also been running to doctors and dentists to get all my necessary checkups caught up before my cobra runs out. I haven't been to the dentist for 18 years! I still don't have any new cavities but 2 of my old fillings need to be replaced and my teeth need a deep cleaning. That means a cleaning below the gum - ow! So I'm scheduled to do half my mouth on Monday. Today I went in for a mammogram (aka boobie sandwich) and have my blood drawn for cholesterol levels, etc. I'm also scheduling a colon cancer screening. So far everything is good. A strange sidenote - when I was at the doctor facing a possible pap, my blood pressure was 93/55. 5 hours later at the dentist my blood pressure was 122/73! All was because I was at the dentist!

Then, besides all that I have a house and yard that's been neglected. So I've also sprayed weeds, hand weeded, thinned bamboo, scrubbed the tub, mowed, edged, got my sprinkler system running and other things that I've forgotten about already.

So, there, have I accomplished anything? You bet your bippy I have!

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So I'm freshly divorced at 57 and have 5 great kids and now 7 grandkids. My kids are still a major part of my life but I'm busy helping my aging parents on Kauai.

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