Catching Up - Again!

OK, there I go again - no blog for a good 2 weeks - darn!

Not that I'm being lazy, mind you. Quite the contrary, I've been very busy. Unfortunately none of the work I've been doing has earned me a single nickel yet. But it'll come - in time.
I managed to get my Craigslist items updated in a manner that will actually sell things, namely my Mitsubishi Montero and a computer I bought on ebay a while back. Those 2 items will net me over $3000, unfortunately half of that immediately has to be paid out for property tax, but the rest I can live on for a while.

My website has been growing. Last week I concentrated on a gallery of my photos for people wishing to order a slideshow DVD to be able to use for title and closing pages. It's been interesting learning to build web pages and using Dreamweaver. As bamboozled as I was at the beginning, I'm picking it up quickly now. This week I intend to create a "Contact Us" and an "Order Form" page. I flew through the other pages rather quickly once I caught onto Dreamweaver but the ones left have all special items on them that involve more learning. It's exciting, I'm already looking forward to my next website or two that I'll build for my other services, photo restorations and selling my photos or Photoshop-ing customer's photos into watercolor or other artworks suitable for framing.

The first week of October was cool, rainy and windy. But this past week has been gorgeous. So I've been taking advantage of the good weather and getting yardwork and other homeowner-related projects done outside. The biggest change has been a great clean deck and concrete thanks to the pressure washer I borrowed from Denny. The deck was very slippery when wet so my aim was mainly to remove the slime but the washing removed the stain as well, which is great, I'll restain it next spring. I've never pressure washed anything around here, the concrete walk to my front door and driveway look great. Denny has a trailer full of bark that we're gonna split, so I'll have to spread that once it's here. I also did a lot of trimming overgrown bushes and whacking down an unruly vine, everything is looking so tidy. I still have another vine to whack, even harder and some trees need trimming. Then there's just the usual perennials that need to be cut as they die down.

I've been enjoying my hot tub about 4 nights a week. I think it's been very therapeutic. I stay warm all night and my back doesn't hurt when I roll over in bed like it has for years.

Rick bought a new pickup this last week. He had one that wouldn't start about every other time he tried to use it so he threw up his arms in frustration and sold it. The one he bought is in very nice condition. Straight, no rust, only minor dents on the tailgate, upholstery is decent and the driver's seat still has plenty of spring. We spent time both days this weekend cleaning it, he used Denny's pressure washer on it as well. It really needed it since it's been living in dark woods for the past few years, lots of pine needles everywhere and lots of green. It's a '84 Chevy 1/2 ton plain jane pickup.

There's nothing new with the kids or grandkids. Same jobs, no pregnancies. I may not have mentioned but Tony moved back to Cincinatti early September and Rach will join him in the spring, if he hasn't come to his senses and moved back here to his bigger family that he still doesn't understand is HIS family as well as Rach's. We're all hoping anyway.

OK, we're about up to speed now.
Thank you for your support.

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