Work, work, work

It certainly has been a busy week. But today it's raining, I'm forced to stay inside, so I figured I might as well blog.

I've been doing some serious yardwork. Stuff I haven't been able to get to for years. It feels great. I chopped back a vine real hard and have 2 more in front that I'm gonna chop nearly to the ground. I'm weeding and barking. I'm moving things around that just aren't working where they are. Yesterday I asked Denny to bring his little chainsaw over and trim and chop some things that are long overdue. There was some serious trimming on the 2 evergreens I have out front. Then we went out back and actually cut down 4 little trees, 2 were volunteers in the wrong place and 2 have been in their places since I've been here but all they've done is been something to mow around. We also trimmed up some trunks, removing low limbs and also some high limbs that were ripping up the playground my grandsons are now playing on. I was gonna proceed into the front yard today but, as I said, it's raining so it'll have to wait til tomorrow. I need a day to recuperate anyway, I was so sore last night I could barely move. Thanks goodness for that HOT TUB!

My dad is in California and has been for the last week. My mom's last family member died in June so the old house has to be emptied and readied for sale. He was an artist and a recovering alcoholic. I think he would have taken fair care of the place but he had a tendency to take in people who had no respect for the place, it wasn't
their family's house. Who knows, they may have not had respect for their own place, had they ever had one. They also had 4 dogs who supposedly have all died since my uncle's death, even though they went home with someone who was living there. Anyway, dad has been clearing out the trash and junk, filling dumpsters, etc. In a week he'll be heading home and my mom will be there a few days later to start painting and distributing the remaining stuff. Rick and I will be going down on a multifaceted road trip. We would like to spend a couple days in Utah, exploring the Arches area which he flew through with his daughter, Sarah, a couple years ago. I have a brother there whom we'll probably spend the night with and meet his family. Then we'll go to Crestline where my family has roots and see my sister's place. Then on to Lakewood (or Bellflower, whatever it's called now) to help with the house. We'll take a day and jet over to Thousand Oaks to see Rick's son's family. He has a new baby that Rick hasn't seen yet, his second grandchild. We may also have a dinner over at my father's house in Cerritos, just 3 miles from the house we're going to help paint, etc. Overall it should be a good trip. And I should come home with some goodies, artwork or something.

Oh, yeah, I'm somebody now! If you google either "photography auburn, wa" or "video auburn, wa" I have a balloon on the map! Yesterday I was "J" but today I'm further down, I'm "N" and "R". I wonder if that's because I made some changes and it pushed me down the list, I added a couple videos and removed my cell phone, it was showing as my main phone. Anyway, I hope it'll help get me some work.

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