What a Day!

When I was raising my family and only had 3 kids there was a day that stood out. Well, today I had a day very similar to that day - except my kids are all raised, now it involves my grandkids, does it ever end?!?

The day in the past I was actually babysitting a 4 yr old nephew, David. So Kevin was 4, Denny was 1 and Rach would have been 9. David had a fall and broke his front teeth out and was a big bloody mess. The rest of the kids were all just being kids. So I had to throw them in the van and rush them all to a local clinic to get David repaired. Kevin was in a clown suit, I think Rach was dressed up as well and Denny ended up with one of the biggest poopy messes ever! When everything was done I went home and David's parents showed up expecting dinner because I had planned a waterless cookware party, but had to cancel when their son fell. So I threw together some mac & cheese and hot dogs.

Today I was watching Joe and Shayne. We were outside in the pretty but cool and dewey morning, me weeding and they playing, everyone getting pretty wet, and a little muddy maybe. I went in the house to use the bathroom and heard the front door open. When I came out of the bathroom there was Heather and Hunter. Heather was a little frantic. Hunter had somehow gashed his head and she didn't know how to handle it. I looked at it and determined that it may need to be stitched. So I gathered up the wet, muddy little boys and piled 3 car seats in my little car. Then Heather and I each had a poopy diaper to change, Shayne and Hunter. We all crammed into the car and went to the urgent care clinic in Covington. I opted to stay, figuring it wouldn't take too long. There's a real nice playground there so I took the boys there for an hour or so. I found a granola bar in the back of my car and we split it. Then we got cold so we went in and sat in the waiting room and watched "Ice Age," pretty much from the beginning. Shayne finally fell asleep in my lap and Joe just watched the movie pretty much, good kids. People came in, got called back, got treated and left. Heather and Hunter had already gone back when we came inside and started watching the movie. The movie was just about finished when I finally asked someone if Hunter was still in there, if maybe I hadn't somehow missed something. They were coming right out. He had either 4 or 5 staples in his little head.
So it was probably right near 4 hours that we waited there. Joe fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed asleep until Kevin showed up to pick them up.

I don't know why but I was just exhausted after that day! So I grabbed some clean clothes and went to Rick's and used his tub for a nice hot soaky bubble bath. That felt great. Then when I left his place Rach and Heather were ready for the hot tub so we did that for about 90 minutes.
As hectic and unplanned a day as it started out, it sure made up for it in the end.

Did I mention - I love my hot tub?

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