Last Day at LaCroix

Monday was my last day at work. Wow.

It began with an early cycle ride into work with Rick. Traffic was light, weather was good. It was gonna be a good day. And I had an exit planned.

It was very nice to not have to run to Scott's every beck and call. Actually, he realized that it wasn't worth becking or calling and therefore pretty much left me alone. I did as much as I could get done before he even arrived at work so I could concentrate on my front desk, the one I was hired for, accounts payable and receivable. The few times I did go back there were mostly just to demonstrate once again how to perform certain functions in the Boeing Exostar system that no one else has dealt with as yet to any degree. I would have at least 2 people watching and someone recording my actions in a video format on Scott's digital camera. I hope they got it all.

I had already completed the big projects that Bernie needed done for his end-of-the-month and end-of-the-quarter taxes, etc. So I focused my attention on getting the simple day-to-day jobs caught up so my replacement, Dana, won't start out so far behind when she barely knows how to do anything anyway.

Fairly early in the AM Bernie announced that we were gonna have a pizza day and asked what my favorite pizza was. I reminded him so he made sure to order 2 of those (really, I don't eat that much!), the spicy italian model, mmm. So we had a nice lunch in my honor! Wow again!

Because I got there early with Rick I was leaving early also, about 2:30. Bernie made sure I had all my paychecks and a pretty nice letter of recommendation to take with me. Here's what his letter said:

To Whom It May Concern,

Sue Hill has been employed with La Croix Industries for 10 years. Through this period of employment she has performed a variety of tasks associated with accounts payable and receivable, bank account reconciliation and many other general office duties.

She is particularly proficient with computer use. With standard off the shelf software she is capable of combining their functions and developing custom formats for special applications.

Sue’s attendance has been excellent through the entire time of her employment. Her presence and skills will be missed.

I’m confident she will be a contributing factor wherever she is employed.

Not too overboard but not bad either. I'm happy with it.

Now for my exit, it wasn't that spectacular, but it was an exit. Since I rode in with Rick I had all my leather biker gear and I brought a red halter top to wear under it. So I changed into my biker outfit, my alter ego you might say, and went back in for one last goodbye. Everyone got a kick out of that, especially sweet, quiet Dale. He just laughed and laughed! I told everyone it was good knowing them and left with Rick. Bernie followed us out to once again tell me how he appreciated everything and to let him know how my new venture turns out.

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours working on instructions for my replacement and emailed them to scottthedipstick at his email at work, there were 8 pages of instructions. Today I got a reply from him:

That looks like a lot of stuff. Should help her lots. Thanks
How come she gets one and not me????
We got 50 poc's and 60 new po's last night
Wooo hooooo.

That was what I missed out on, that was my job - wooo hooooo!

This AM I got a call from Bernie again thanking me for those instructions and how they already helped him. I had a little humor thrown in and he enjoyed that as well. The confusing directions for using a dos program is what he actually called about, they're all "Alt F, then C, then 'enter' all the was down, then shift+tab, tab, tab, then enter" and such. Yes confusing but helpful for Dana, I'm sure.

All in all, a very pleasant way to leave a job.

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