A Little This, a Little That. . . .

OK, yeah, I haven't been blogging lately. Little stuff going on, nothing earth-shattering. Here's a wrap up:

Rach and Tony are still just waiting to see if they got their house across the street. Still workin'. Still breathing.

Kevin is staying with his mother-in-law, Mindy. Shirley left for Vegas beginning of March. Keith and I helped him clean his house, he got rid of everything except what he absolutely had to keep, his work tools and keepsakes mainly and put most of it in storage. He opened his own bank account and was finally getting a handle on his finances. Then the first Saturday after he was out of his house he was going golfing with the guys. When he went to his storage unit it was virtually cleaned out. He was upset that the baseball cards he's collected and put away for his boys (which were valuable) were gone. But more importantly his tools were gone, what he needs for work. He's currently unemployed but that should change and when it does he'll need his tools. Well, his golf clubs were still there so he went ahead and went golfing anyway. When he went to the ATM to get the money to golf he found it overdrawn. About $800 had disappeared. Turns out it was a collection agency. Later that week he got pulled over and taken to jail for driving with a suspended license. he was released when they started bringing in the nightly DUIs and he walked to his car and drove home. While he was waiting in the holding area, though, Mindy, Rach and I were all trying to find him. He had texted Troy that he was getting pulled over but when we called the jails no one had him, that's because he never got booked in, he wasn't in the system. It all turned out well in the end. I loaned him some money and he bought a car at the auction to resell. So he's living at Mindy's, collecting unemployment, spending weekends at Denny's and enjoying his boys.

Shirley went to Vegas, is working as a go-go dancer, and I'm guessing some bartending or waitressing. She had a short stint as a showgirl, but when they required that she lose 25 pounds and she refused they let her go. So she got another job as a bikini barista and bartender and just today started at a beauty school.

Denny works. and works. He's getting some of his mortgage messes cleared up and has a suit pending just as soon as things are up to date again. Don't borrow from GMAC Mortgage. As soon as his mortgage gets fixed he can get more funding to finish fixing his rental and the insurance company can stop paying his mortgage. You'd think the insurance company would get on the mortgage company's butt to fix things so they can stop making the payments!

Heather is driving. And she is studying the Bible with a friend once a week. She and Keith went with me to the Memorial on March 30.

Dane is a ministerial servant. He's giving lots of talks. He went to Colorado and came back with strep and an ear infection. He even lost all hearing in one ear for a time. He moved back in with Jimmy Eldridge, Jimmy's wife moved in with her boyfriend and got disfellowshipped. Jimmy needs company.

Keith isn't spending much time here, my laptop is having issues and since the internet is his whole life he has to have a dependable computer. So he's staying at dad's. No job hunting, no help to sleep correctly. The only thing dad provides is a working computer.

The Vanderville's cousin, Casey, and his family are planning a visit next month. We'll have a BBQ and maybe take them to see some sights. It's gonna be a short visit and he has a friend in Seattle that he wants to see too.

We're planning a Williams' family BBQ mid-May. I had Rick take invitations when he went for Easter dinner. I don't want them to think that I don't want to be with the family, that's why we made these plans for a non-holiday family gathering.

Nothing new with cars. Nothing new with pets. Grass is growing so I gotta start mowing again.

I joined a 365 group (post a picture a day)  on flickr about a month ago and so Rick (the big copy-cat) had to go and start one too. He didn't join a group, he just made a new blog page and is posting a picture everyday. Then Sarah had to jump on the bandwagon too. Now she has her own 365 project via a blog. This Saturday we're planning to rent a canoe and paddle around the arboretum waterways and into Lake Washington maybe. Should be lotsa baby critters and pretty flowers to see. Then we'll also visit the Japanese Garden in the same area afterward. We're gonna OD on photo opportunities!

I'm trying out contacts. Multifocal contacts. When they work right they're just awesome. But the doc keeps trying to make them strong enough for me to be able to read. I don't think it'll work. But the worst problem I'm having is that my right eye must have a slightly different shape and the contact just doesn't fit right. It doesn't want to stay put. if I get glasses I'll need trifocals. Agh!

Rick has been working a lot of OT lately, LaCroix is counting stuff more thoroughly than ever and is clearing out stuff too. If you know LaCroix you know that they don't get rid of anything. Something's up. We think they're in selling mode.  Bernie, the younger brother, turned 70 in December, it's time to retire.

OK, that about catches everything up.  Now leave me alone.

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Judy April 9, 2010 at 9:29 PM  

my contacts always floated around in my eyes-I went back to glasses, lol. have fun saturday, hope you have nice weather!

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