C'mon Guys, Grow Up!

OK, now that I got that pic o' the week thing taken care of I must address something that's been on my mind:

Why do guys always relate everything to body parts, specifically the ones we cover with our bathing suits?  I can kinda see it coming from adolescent boys just experiencing the "coming of age" and knowledge that has been handed them, their interest and immature fascination, seeing body parts under those circumstances is understandable.  But why does it continue to consume their attention and focus until they're grandparents even? They never see something and say "Oh look!  That looks like an ear!" (or nose, or elbow, etc)

"Butts" and "boobs" are included in the focus but generally it's the male genitalia that's being observed and noted on.    Examples:




I'm not saying that these things don't resemble the items the guys see in them.  It just always has to become the focus and the new title for the item.

No doubt this is why the ancient civilizations made their phallic symbols, men are just fixated on parts of the body that are private, albeit the most important organs for the furthering of the human race.  They would be the origins of:

Men.  Troublemakers.

2 cats hacked up hairballs:

Anonymous April 13, 2010 at 4:37 PM  

oh yeah, just a little slice of society...


Rick Williams April 14, 2010 at 4:18 AM  

Hehehe... She said butt...

See, it just goes to show you: We're not complex beings. Simple things for simple minds. No wait--creatures... That's what I meant.

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